Mexican Food and Uriel’s Story (1)

Passion and pride. Two essential elements for creating delicious Mexican food. This cuisine has a special place in my heart because I have been surrounded by it for most of my life, through my neighbors, friends, and even nearby restaurants. The attention and care that goes into every dish is what gives Mexican food that unique, tantalizing flavor. Each meal is viewed as an experience involving everyone, rather than a dull, quotidian affair. Every ingredient seems methodically selected and work in tandem to hit just about every flavor profile from spicy to tangy to slightly sweet. Knowing how meaningful and how much soul goes into Mexican food and their lifestyles, makes it difficult to fathom how such pleasant people are cursed with such negative stereotypes. As we all witnessed from Uriel’s Story, most Mexicans are far from “lazy” “job stealing scoundrels”. Uriel discusses how when he originally came to the United States he wanted to study, but due to a low income, he was unable to and was forced to look for an alternative way to make it in the States. He stresses how important education is and how he has worked many long odd hours to support his family. Uriel patiently waits for the day when he earns enough to be reunited with his family in Mexico. It is stories like his that are not highlighted or rarely even mentioned in the media which is where the misunderstanding stems from. Talking about and enjoying Mexican food is the stepping stone that can lead us to finding more people with similar stories and mindsets. So let’s open our ears, hearts, mouths, and let’s TACO’BOUT IT!giphy (18).gif

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