The Search For Authenticity

Imagine it's Christmas Eve. You and your friend have made it your mission to catch that sneaky old St. Nick, once and for all. Even though you have repeatedly failed, you both continue to try in hopes of catching him in the act, and therefore, proving his existence. Well, people who actively seek out "authentic" … Continue reading The Search For Authenticity

Taco Swell or Taco Hell? (Review)

I finally did it. After 21 years. I ate a meal from Taco Bell. I know it may not seem like a big deal, but every time I tell someone I've never eaten at a Taco Bell, I get the same reaction: "OMG YOU NEVER HAD TACO BELL?! WHAT THE HECK?!"; To which I would … Continue reading Taco Swell or Taco Hell? (Review)